Interview met Tara McDonald

Interview met Tara McDonald

2 december 2012

Tara McDonald hebben we meerdere malen geïnterviewd. Maar ze heeft dan ook steeds veel nieuwe dingen te vertellen. Zo is haar tweede eigen single uitgekomen en is haar album bijna klaar! Onlangs was Tara in Nederland in het Ziggo Dome voor een besloten optreden. Lees mee...!

It's been six months since our last conversation. What has recently happened?
Well, as you know I signed my artist album to Mercury/Universal this year and since I last spoke to you I have been in the studio most days writing new material for this and doing some promotion for my first single "Give me More" which was in the radio top 20 in France and Spain. The album is almost finished and I'm so happy with it. I have two sides to the album, one more pop and commercial and the other more for the dance scene. My aim is to keep both of my world running simultaneously. It's great as I have really experimented with different styles and this album is a really a sonic journey.

You just finished your second solo single "Fix Of You". What is the single about?
"Fix of You" is a song about a night I had once at Ministry of Sound in London where I met this guy and there was such a crazy connection that we ended up kissing all night, I mean we were literally kissing for about 5 hours straight. So the lyric is all about this crazy electric connection and when you can't get enough of someone. The song for me is like a blurred memory of that night, full of beats, lust and vodka!

Will there be a video clip as well for Fix Of You?
Funny you should say that as I am just choosing a video treatment for this song now and I'm aiming to shoot the video next week so it should be online before the end of this year. 

How about the album? Is it coming soon?
My album will be ready for early next year and it's almost finished now! I'm just making the final tweaks on some of the tracks. When I started writing this project I had some really sad moments in my life so the music ended up being really happy and uplifting as I needed to hear that for myself and now that I'm in a much happier place the last few tracks that I have written have been more dark and very personal which I guess is because emotionally I'm stronger and felt able to share some of these thoughts in my songs. I have learnt so much from this experience and have tried to be really hard on myself to choose the best possible songs for this project which are an honest projection of who I am at this moment in time.

This month you was in Amsterdam. What did you do?
I was performing at the Ziggo Dome for a private event after Anastasia in Amsterdam with a live orchestra alongside some Dutch music stars like Alain Clark, Candy Dulfer, Berget Lewis and with Adlicious singing beautiful backing vocals! I didn't realise that the event was going to be so huge. It's an amazing feeling for me to work with an orchestra making live versions of my songs and it's such a different energy than when I perform at a dance event. I'm lucky to be able to get the best from both worlds.

When is the next time your fans can meet you in Holland?
I'm not sure when I'm next coming to Holland so please check my website for all my tour dates and please come and say hi!

For the first time the NRJ DJ Awards were presented in Monaco. You were there?
Yes, I was. It was a crazy night and I was there to present three awards at the ceremony, it's great that a really powerful radio station like NRJ do something to honor the dance scene as this industry is often overlooked and now dance music has become so merged with pop music it can be difficult to draw the line as to where one genre ends and the other begins.

How is your radio show 'Shut Up & Dance' going?
This year has been crazy with the radio show considering we only started the project in January this year and now we are broadcasted in 21 countries across the world and it's still growing! We have just started new residencies in Australia and Japan and the show will also be available on Emirates Airlines from January next year as well as available worldwide as an iTunes podcast. All the information on the radio show is listed on my website. This show is aimed at supporting new music as well as big names from the names you would expect in EDM so if someone is reading this and has made a hot new track then please send it to me! There's a section on my website where artists can submit their demo's/mashup's and bootlegs.

What are your plans for the next year?
I'm so excited about next year as I would have finished my album and will start promoting it, releasing new songs, making new videos and touring again. This is my dream so of course it feels amazing to be in this position at long last! I have also started my own music publishing company called "Give Me More Music" which manages all my catalogue of songs and I want to sign other writers artists and producers to this in the future. I am also writing songs for two other artists and have to finish their albums too. So next year is already going to busy, challenging and full of new adventures.

Do you still have time to do other things except music?
When you're a busy person in any line of work I think you're free time becomes really precious and so I want to share these moments with people I really care about. I have some amazing friends and we tend to have dinner parties now where we just talk and talk and catch up on each others lives, it's simple but really special.